How Mike Baur is re-shaping start-up funding with Swiss Start-up Factory

How Mike Baur is re-shaping start-up funding with Swiss Start-up Factory

After working in the banking sector for more than 20 years, Mike Baur, a renowned Swiss businessman, and entrepreneur called it a day and set up the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014.With his co-founders Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, their focus is funding business ideas that would generate into successful business ventures.

The Swiss Start-Up Factory is a Zurich-based business facilitator on the look- out for fast growing and promising digital entrepreneurs. Using a network around Switzerland and the globe, the capital venture offers opportunities and a platform for coaching, mentoring and office space to help start-ups grow feet to crawl and eventually walk on their own.

His first venture, Think Reloaded, a strategic advisory outfit providing strategic and advisory services particularly to wealthy families and high-end individuals. Over the years he has cemented his role as a consultant in the financial sector and making an imprint as a go-to person in management. A holder of an MBA from the University of Rochester New York, Mike has been featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Mike Baur observes that the Swiss Start-up Factory is meant to be a boot camp for start ups as opposed to a platform in which they are only provided with coaching modules. Mike Baur says that working with people at a personal level gives him the opportunity to understand them better and help teams deliver even more. He endeavors to do this by responding to his emails early in the morning so that he has time for personal meetings with various teams at the Startup Factory.

Over the last two and a half years, the Swiss Startup Factory has overseen the execution of 3 accelerator batches in which 18 start-ups have been incubated. With a great sense in scouting and analyzing start-ups with great potentials, the SSUF has been instrumental in driving change and offering a different angle to startup funding in Switzerland.

The recent announcement of the creation of the Swiss Start-up Group(SSUG), which will now act as the mother company of the Swiss Start-up Factory is seen as a bold step to consolidate all activities and widen the scope of the organization.

Start- up funding through venture capital and other partnership models has become an important part of growth for organizations finding their spaces especially in the digital platform. However, without proper guidance, mentorship, and scrutiny, many of them still make gross mistakes leading to their fast fading out of the scene.

Mike Baur and his partners and the Swiss Start-up Factory are injecting game-changing strategies in funding and mentoring start-ups.


Karl Heideck Dedicated Litigation Attorney

Who is Karl Heideck?
Karl Heideck, Litigation Attorney, received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Swarthmore College, in 2003. In 2009, he graduated with his Juris Doctor from Temple University-James E. Beasley School of Law. However, Mr. Heideck acquired his license to practice law in 2010. Since then he has garnered experience in several aspects of the law. His job history includes the following areas of law; commercial, mediation, trials, civil litigation, corporate law, employment law, product liability, intellectual property protection, legal writing, arbitration, and appeals.

What is Karl Heideck Doing Now?
Karl Heideck diverse work history makes him an excellent litigation attorney. Today, he is a part of Hire Counsel’s staff. The company specializes in catering to their clients. Hire Counsel allows Mr. Heideck to use his acquired skills to help people across the United States. His passion for the law is the reason behind his 7-year experience as a litigation attorney.

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What Do Litigation Attorneys do?
Typically litigation attorneys’ like Karl Heideck oversee the many phases of the litigation process. The attorney manages the investigations process that may a resolve in conflict. The attorney files a pleading and motions on behalf of his client. During the discovery phase, attorneys extract information pertaining to cases by interrogates and depositions. Next is the pre-trial stage. In this stage the attorney advises his clients, retain expert witnesses. With this gathered information he develops a strategy to best represent the client.

However, many cases are settled filed in civil court instead of going to trial. In the case goes to trial, the attorney continues to use all of the acquired information to represent the client. According to, if the case didn’t go in favor of the attorney’s client, he may draft post-trial motions, develop appellate strategies and create more drafts to support his client.

Betsy DeVos Discusses Federally Mandated School Choice Reform

Since her appointment to one of the highest offices in the United States government, Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, has been announcing many plans for the reform of public schools in the nation. The Michigan native has a long history of advocating for school choice and has continually pitched bold new ideas about school choice during her brief career as the Secretary of Education. During a recent press conference where she discussed school choice reform, Betsy DeVos clarified some recently published statements regarding the role of the federal government in school choice reform. Although the DeVos has been an advocate of school choice and parental support programs for more than three decades, she has stated that the federal government should not have the authority to implement reform measures in ways that decrease the authority of the states. The Secretary of Education believes that the final decision about the implementation of school choice reforms should be left to the citizens of individual states with respect to the American constitution.

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Many people who are familiar with Betsy DeVos are aware of her strong political history. Betsy DeVos has successfully organized many school choice reform programs in the state of Michigan and has contributed to the campaigns of several notable republican politicians. Because of her history of philanthropic activity, Betsy DeVos has also become known to groups of individuals who would otherwise not be associated with her work. Because of her efforts to create funding for underprivileged youth in Grand Rapids, Michigan, DeVos deeply understands the many ways that American families can be impacted by school choice reform. DeVos is also a believer of constitutional ethics and small government. Because of this ideology, DeVos has stated that she can never support the unconstitutional expansion of the federal government, even if that expansion would benefit programs that she is seeking to implement.

Because of this stance on the role of federal intervention in government, Betsy DeVos has clearly established the policies associated with her school choice reform program. In this initiative, the Secretary of Education has developed clear policies which allow individual states in the nation to opt in or out of the reform mandates. While DeVos has stated that a states’ choice to opt out of the school choice program would be at the detriment of American families and students, she also stated her support of each state’s constitutionally given right to resist any federal efforts which they did not support. Visit Betsy’s profile on

At the close of Betsy DeVos’ press conference she was asked about her detailed plan to help the Trump administration launch its historic plan to expand school choice policies. The Secretary of Education remarked that the administration was looking forward to assisting American families through these programs.

How Dr. Rick Shinto Provides Affordable And Excellent Healthcare Plans

InnovaCare Health’s core value is to provide high-quality medical care to the people that buy their healthcare policies. Teamwork is also highly valued at this company which is an emphasis of its President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Rick Shinto. He has developed a team at InnovaCare Health that effectively communicates, both among itself and with their customers, as well as one that has great working relationships. They embody their mission statement which is to redefine the management of healthcare.

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InnovaCare Health provides health insurance policies to the residents of Puerto Rico. They have two subsidiaries on this island, MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC MediCare Choice Inc. Both healthcare programs, which are NCQA accredited, consistently have customer satisfaction rates that exceed 90%. In order to receive NCQA accreditation, Dr. Rick Shinto and his team had to exceed quality assurance standards.

Dr. Rick Shinto has been in the healthcare field for four decades. He has been both a physician and executive in the industry. Before joining InnovaCare Health Dr. Rick Shinto was the CEO of Aveta Inc. where he was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. He also served Medical Management as a Vice President as well as Chief Medical Officer at Cal Optima Health Plan.

Dr. Rick Shinto earned his Bs. at the University of California and his M.D. at the State University of New York. He also holds an MBA which he earned at the University of Redlands. He has also been the author of several articles about clinical medicine and the healthcare field. It was as a physician the Dr. Rick Shinto started his professional career as. He worked as a pulmonologist and internist in Southern California. He transitioned into management after several years of directly treating patients. Read more at about Rick Shinto.

One of Dr. Rick Shinto’s goals at InnovaCare Health is to make obtaining medical care affordable for their clients in Puerto Rico. One of the ways they do this is by making use of innovative technology that helps to keep costs low while still delivering superb care. He also uses his industry experience and knowledge in order to come up with innovative ways of keeping the costs down.

Mikhail Blagosklonny And His Leadership Of Oncotarget

Oncotarget is run by Mikhail Blagosklonny, and he has done quite a lot of work helping people publish their work online. He knows that there are a number of people who need to read an article that will help them learn more about cancer, and he is using his journal to help people read and research. This article explains how he is helping fledgling researchers, and it shows how he will give someone the opportunity to publish their finest work. Someone who wants to read may do so online, and someone may send their research into the Oncotarget staff at any time.

#1: Oncotarget’s Focus

Oncotarget focuses on a number of cancer research items that they are interested in, and the journal has reached out to researchers who have not been published in other journals. They want to create more opportunities for those who wish to publish work that has not been seen before. Someone who has a new research study going may send their work to the review panel, and Mikhail Blagosklonny will lead the review panel in a reading of each study.

#2: The Review Panel’s Feedback

The review panel’s feedback is offered to a number of people who send in their work, and this licensed/expert review panel will send back any information they need. They will accept studies every day that may have been done properly, and they may send back studies that need a bit more work. The review panel is one of the strongest in the field, and they will offer an official background for the journal. Visit ResearchGate to keep up to date with Mikhail’s latest work.

#3: The Archive

The archive is found online where anyone may read old articles and studies. Someone who is researching cancer for the first time may go back to the beginning of the journal, and they may find something that sparks their interest. They may read specific articles that have been published in the journal, and someone who wishes to read the archives may go in at any time. Mikhail Blagosklonny ensured that Oncotarget would be open to anyone who wishes to learn.

#4: Why Cancer?

Cancer is striking more people every day, and it is causes problems in families that are simply too difficult to cure. There is a search for a cure that goes on behind the scenes with people who do this research, and these people are working quite hard to ensure that they may find something that will save them or someone they love. The person who has begun to read Oncotarget will see that it does a public service, and there are many others who will be heartened to know someone is trying to cure cancer. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar

Mikhail Blagosklonny and his staff at Oncotarget has done quite a lot of work to ensure that all the people who read Oncotarget are comfortable with the research they see. They have left the archives online to ensure that anyone may read through their journal, and they offer expert feedback on every new study that is submitted.

Roberto Santiago Changes Brazil Commercial Real Estate

Roberto Santiago is an investor in Brazil that has shown a lot of tourists that Brazil offers many unique commercial and shopping centers. Roberto has been responsible for transforming the landscape in Brazil through the Investments that he has made and real estate. He has shown the world that the concept of the mall can be expanded even more than the traditional mall that most people have come to know.

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The average person that visits the mall is going to be looking for shops that may have clothes, jewelry and shoes. Typically, this is all that one will find in a mall. Roberto Santiago was well aware that there was room for improvement on the design of the typical mall. That is why he created the Manaira Mall. This has a major tourist attraction in Brazil, and shoppers have Roberto Santiago to thank for this. Roberto Santiago is the genius force behind this extremely large mall that has a little bit of everything for everyone. Consumers that are coming out to shop will still have a plethora of places to go to find their favorite shoes or clothing items. There are, however, a lot of other places like the bowling alley and the space bar lounge that allow people to socialize when they come to this mall.

That may be one of the most interesting things that Roberto Santiago has done when it comes to the development of the mall that he has presented. He has given people a chance to socialize and actually interact with one another outside of shopping without leaving the mall that he developed. There are 2,000 parking spaces here so the mall is equipped to handle a large number of shoppers. The great thing about this concept is that people can shop until they are content and go to the parking lot to load their bags in the car. Without leaving the parking lot they can go back inside and have a couple of drinks with friends or engage in activities like bowling. There is also a sizable food court for families that may want to eat out with one another. Read more articles on

The shoppers here even have access to a game room and other activities like an electronic amusement park this is all part of the creative spark that Roberto Santiago had when he considered his vision. He wanted to bring forth the mall that would be enticing to the youth, but he also wanted adults that have a place to lounge and socialize with their friends as well. Roberto Santiago has been able to accomplish this with great precision because he knew what wanted to do. He was aware that he wanted to create something unique.

The Power of Securus Technologies to Prevent Crimes

Just as you have a number of crimes being committed on the streets of the city, there are crimes being conducted inside the jails every day. The reason being is the prison is actually a living city on a smaller scale, and just like the city has its good and bad, so does the prison system. When bad occurs in the prison however, anyone behind the walls in vulnerable and my job as a corrections officer is to limit the possibilities of anyone getting hurt.


In the last year, we have had inmates, visitors, and officers hurt from violent attacks by certain inmates. These inmates have access to weapons, drugs, and other contraband, that give them an advantage they should not have. My team has a number of resources we use each day in an effort to limit the flow of contraband into our prison,and one of them was one we had in the jail and never realized its potential until this year. We had been using the inmate calls system to check on what the inmates would talk about, but we never knew the extent to which this resource could be tapped. Things were about to get more challenging for the inmates in our jail.


Securus Technologies was recently updating our inmate phone call monitoring system, and we all had to be trained to use the LBS software so we could maximize the full potential of the system. Securus Technologies has over 1,000 employees who are focused on one objective, making the world a safer place for all. Even the CEO of this Dallas-based company, Ricard Smith, tells us the company success is due in part to being in over 2,600 jails at the moment. This is not the old style monitoring systems, now the software is able to do the work of several officers at the same time. This was going to allow us to pay closer attention to the calls while keeping our officers in other areas of the prison at the same time.


We began to utilize this new resource and hit pay dirt immediately. The system picked up on calls where inmates were talking about how they were hiding contraband in their cells. We even heard inmates talking about how they got things from visitors without us knowing, and we put a stop to that immediately. Once we git familiar with the new call system, it got easier for my team to discover when inmates were expecting visitors to bring in contraband, or when certain inmates were being ordered to take action on others in the jail. The crime rate in our jail has dropped significantly since we were all trained to use the new Securus Technologies inmate monitoring system.


Getting Help From Marc Sparks

Entrepreneurs are changing the world one customer at a time, and I believe that Marc Sparks is trying to help them. He has developed the Spark Tank, and entrepreneurs get the opportunity to compete against one another for $5,000. Sparks has certainly been someone that would set the stage for new businesses to compete against one another, but he also wanted to groom business leaders. Marc is familiar with the process of starting a business and he wanted to get new entrepreneurs to consider doing things the right way.Learn more :


Marc Sparks has been investing in businesses for years. He has been one of the most prolific entrepreneurs when it comes to building a business from the ground up. Marc Sparks works in everything from the insurance industry to financial investments industries when it comes to investing. He knows about a lot of different business models because he has put his time and effort into developing lots of different businesses. I think this is what makes him the best resource for anyone that is trying to establish a presence in the business world. He knows about the different pitfalls that people can encounter and he is doing what it takes to help people avoid these things.


One thing that I have noticed about Mark Sparks is that he is honest. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything when it comes to the business world. He is not someone that is going to put all of his time into telling people about his degrees or his certifications in the business world. He admits that he was an average student in high school, and Sparks believes that this is not the way that everyone has to take in order to arrive in the business world.


This has been helpful for people like me because it gives me motivation even if we have never been in the business world before. I was able to believe in myself even though I did not have a wealth of higher education. Mark Sparks is someone that believes more so in hard work over what something may show on a resume. There’s nothing wrong with getting a degree but Marc Sparks knows that the entrepreneur that succeeds is the one continues to learn. In the business world Marc Sparks has engaged in a tremendous amount of learning. He has set up different businesses and invested time into learning how businesses function.Learn more :



Don Ressler and JustFab History Behind International Expansion

JustFab is one of the leading online commerce site and fashion subscription brand that curates a collection of trendy fashion with are designed to bring out the best out of everybody size. The ready to wear collections that the brand offers covers all body types ranging from size XS-3X and 24-34, living up to its aim of inclusivity.

JustFab has consistently displayed innovativeness of its digital space. This was evident during the “All Size” campaign where it was wholly involved with its design team to come up with new designs that would cater for the new customer demands on FABforAll mantra is meant to celebrate every woman of every body type to enable them to feel empowered and more importantly so that they feel beautiful.

The All Size collection has a range of flirty dresses, detailed leggings, outwear pieces, tops, and denims. This collection still keeps up JustFab’s original modus operandi of giving its members the celebrity treatment by offering customized and trendy clothes at a great value.

Read more: Don Ressler, CEO of Fabletics by Kate Hudson- Our Interview

Don Ressler lauded this move and was quoted saying that TechStyle firmly believes that women need to feel confident in the clothes they wear. Don Ressler is the co-CEO of TechStyle Group which is the parent company for JustFab. Don Ressler is also the CEO of Fabletics.

“We are thrilled to introduce JustFab’s #FABforAll to offer more women on-trend styles in the sizes they want. Everybody deserves to look and feel good in what they are wearing.” He said.

JustFab has attracted funding from various ventures. In 2011 it received $33 million from Matrix Partners, a capital investment firm in the US. The following year JustFab got another funds injection of $76 million from some venture capital companies including Rho Ventures, Technology Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners, and Intelligent Beauty. From this new source of funds, the company was able to expand its operations to the UK, Canada and Germany.

The third round of funding for the company came in September 2013 when TechStyle announced through their CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg that it had closed in $40 million to aid in accelerating international growth and expand their product categories. In 2014 JustFab got an additional $85 million in a new round of funding from its existing venture partners and Passport Special Opportunity Fund. Total capitalization from the new funding came to $250 million.

Kevin Seawright Ensures The Public Receives Better Services

Kevin Seawright has been in public service for some time, and he knows that there are a number of ways for people to live a better life. He wishes to help everyone he meets, and his career is a timeline of helping people that everyone would be proud of. This article explains all the ways that Kevin has helped people in the cities where he has lived.

#1: Baltimore City Service

Kevin worked in Baltimore for many years, and he worked in finances for the city schools, aged services and transportation department. He worked out many different ways to help people who were using these services, and he saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for the city due to his accounting skills. He streamline all the work the city did, and he ensured that money could be reinvested in services for others.

#2: Philadelphia Inner Cities

Kevin Seawright has worked with those in the inner city of Philadelphia, an he learned from his parents to help people as much as he possibly could. He was working to ensure that all the people he met would receive better services, and he knows that a number of people who will benefit because he has helped them in their personal lives. He move on to Newark where he could help with development in many areas of the city.

#3: Newark

Kevin worked as the CFO for the development company that worked on many parts of Newark. The city must be developed if it is to improve, and he was helping construct buildings that would provide better commerce and living situations for all. Someone who wishes to find a better place to live or work often found what they needed because of the work that Kevin did.

Kevin Seawright has helped many people in his career by allowing them to take charge of their lives. He is currently helping people in Baltimore getting into their first homes, and he is supporting them with financial services that everyone needs. Read more: Kevin Seawright & RPS Solutions LLC Fill Baltimore’s Belvedere Square with First Time Homebuyers

His career of public service continues, and he will help people who have been disadvantaged in the past.