From Tech to Land – Arthur Becker Keeps His Image On Top in New York

Most recently reports NY Times, the tech mogul Arthur Becker purchased three condominiums in New York City on Sullivan Street in the Soho District. From his delightful new condo Becker will enjoy the view of his other properties on Sullivan Street, namely 30, 40 and 50 Sullivan Street as he will be residing at 10 Sullivan St.

Becker originally invested in that project a few years ago and today he lives in one and owns the other three units . . . What a view of his investment. The townhouses, just recently completed are the newly built jewels of the area. Becker made his fortune in the tech industry and has reinvested his millions in the city he loves and one of the most charming streets in Soho.

Becker is also the Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC. This privately held investment firm is focused on real estate. This privately held company residing in New York City alone was established in 2002.

Arthur Becker was formally the CEO of Zinio Company. Zinio delivers digital magazines electronically to every device possible. This firm converts print magazines to digital formatting with PDF properties delivering to every subscriber on every medium possible.

Zinio recently was the firm that transformed Playboy Magazine from print to electronic distribution and is available in the iTunes application and Google Play Stores. In a report by Ideamensch, with the launch of Playboy Magazine, a brand new vision of the magazine has been uploaded. Zinio continues its multi-phase release of newly updated releases in digital format. The age of electronics expands over the new dimensions of applications.

In addition to the electronic world, Becker maintains his investment interests in local property alongside JDS Development, Property Markets Group and AmBase Corp at 111 West 57th Street, New York.



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