Ends Citizens United Raising Huge Amounts of Money Irrespective Of Per Donor Cap of $5000

According to an article published on USA TODAY, End Citizens United is raising substantial amounts of money for funding its activities. End Citizens United is a political action committee that exists not only to combat big money associated with politics, but also, to dismantle our rigged political system through the election of campaign finance reform champions, and also by passing state ballot measures. The PAC wishes to pursue its interest by making the issue of big money in politics a matter of national priority. It intends to use grass root membership to illustrate political power on the issue of big money in politics.


The inspiration behind the formation of End Citizens United emanated from the Supreme Court’s decision in 2010 on the case between Citizens United and FEC that completely transformed the landscape of the American elections. The Supreme Court’s decision created a legal basis for the concept that corporations are people. Further, billionaires and special interest groups are allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money in the America’s elections. As things are, the process is devoid of transparency and accountability. Members of the PAC feel that the billionaires, such as the Koch Brothers, and other huge corporations just wish to tip the balance of political power in their favor.


Within the first quarter of 2017, End Citizen United had managed to collect over $4 million with a projected total of $35 million ahead of the 2018 Congress’ midterm elections. Should the group manage to raise the targeted amount, it will be a huge increase from the $25 million collected during the 2016 election. The $4 million was contributed by approximately 100,000 people, with 40,000 of them being first-time givers, as explained by the president and executive director of the PAC, Tiffany Muller. Apparently, average contributions per person were $12. These donations are received from individuals who feel like the system is rigged against them because the ones capable of writing the fattest cheques seem always to get the biggest say.


One of the things that bring this group and the Democrats together is their desire to fight Citizens United. In recent weeks, the PAC helped to convince its donors to give towards an estimated $500,000 to facilitate the congressional campaign of the Democrat, Jon Ossoff who is vying for the first time in Georgia. Besides operating as a traditional political action committee, End Citizens United does not accept donations in exceeding $5000 from individual donors. In spite of this donation ceiling, the PAC was listed among the top in the Democratic-aligned funders during the last year’s elections.

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