George Soros Looks To Develop Global Political And Philanthropic Ideals

The work of George Soros has led to his image becoming that of a leading political figure in the U.S. where he has become known for the success he has achieved as a backer of ;left leaning issues. One a global scale the work of George Soros has hit a high level of philanthropy that makes it easy to understand just how important Soros has become to the people of the world who are looking for assistance after being displaced from their homes; Soros himself was displaced at the age of 17 when he took a refugee journey from his home in Hungary to London. The global view of George Soros has been important to him from a young age when his own father was responsible for shaping a view of the world that George has expanded upon throughout his life; the Soros family lived in Hungary for the first 17 years of George Soros’ life and worked together to expand upon the use of the universal language of Esperanto.

George Soros has maintained his global view of politics in his ability to view major issues over more than a simple national level, which Soros is reported by Discover the Networks to have developed in his approach to the international war on drugs. In the 1950s and 1960s the personal life of George Soros saw him make the move to Wall Street, but also saw the U.S. citizen take up residence in New York’s Greenwich Village, the home of the counter culture movement in the late 1950s; this move to the heart of a left leaning area of New York had a major impact on the life of George Soros as he began looking outside the traditional areas of interest for a financial expert and instead sought a greater understanding of the different approaches taken to living in the 20th century. Read more at Washington Times about George Soros.

The early approach of George Soros to the global issue of drugs was the friendship Soros developed with the liberal writer Allen Ginsberg that has had a major influence on his approach to global issues since the pair met in 1980. One area that is is easy to see is important to George Soros is his approach to the problem of the global drugs trade that has affected the lives of millions of people Soros believes are more affected by the fight against drugs than their overall impact on the individual. Soros feels so strongly about the problems facing the world in terms of the global drugs trade that he has gone so far as to sign an open letter to the United Nations calling for an end to the war on drugs that he believes has had a negative effect on the lives of people in developing nations. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

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  1. George Soros is a household name that is known for his business astuteness and also for his involvement in politics not only in the United States but other countries also. It might good to consult superior essays base on the reputation that they have gathered for themselves on a global scale. Another aspect of Soro’s life is the one that he loves giving back to community and it is no easy thing to do.

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