The Power of Securus Technologies to Prevent Crimes

Just as you have a number of crimes being committed on the streets of the city, there are crimes being conducted inside the jails every day. The reason being is the prison is actually a living city on a smaller scale, and just like the city has its good and bad, so does the prison system. When bad occurs in the prison however, anyone behind the walls in vulnerable and my job as a corrections officer is to limit the possibilities of anyone getting hurt.


In the last year, we have had inmates, visitors, and officers hurt from violent attacks by certain inmates. These inmates have access to weapons, drugs, and other contraband, that give them an advantage they should not have. My team has a number of resources we use each day in an effort to limit the flow of contraband into our prison,and one of them was one we had in the jail and never realized its potential until this year. We had been using the inmate calls system to check on what the inmates would talk about, but we never knew the extent to which this resource could be tapped. Things were about to get more challenging for the inmates in our jail.


Securus Technologies was recently updating our inmate phone call monitoring system, and we all had to be trained to use the LBS software so we could maximize the full potential of the system. Securus Technologies has over 1,000 employees who are focused on one objective, making the world a safer place for all. Even the CEO of this Dallas-based company, Ricard Smith, tells us the company success is due in part to being in over 2,600 jails at the moment. This is not the old style monitoring systems, now the software is able to do the work of several officers at the same time. This was going to allow us to pay closer attention to the calls while keeping our officers in other areas of the prison at the same time.


We began to utilize this new resource and hit pay dirt immediately. The system picked up on calls where inmates were talking about how they were hiding contraband in their cells. We even heard inmates talking about how they got things from visitors without us knowing, and we put a stop to that immediately. Once we git familiar with the new call system, it got easier for my team to discover when inmates were expecting visitors to bring in contraband, or when certain inmates were being ordered to take action on others in the jail. The crime rate in our jail has dropped significantly since we were all trained to use the new Securus Technologies inmate monitoring system.


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