Roberto Santiago Changes Brazil Commercial Real Estate

Roberto Santiago is an investor in Brazil that has shown a lot of tourists that Brazil offers many unique commercial and shopping centers. Roberto has been responsible for transforming the landscape in Brazil through the Investments that he has made and real estate. He has shown the world that the concept of the mall can be expanded even more than the traditional mall that most people have come to know.

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The average person that visits the mall is going to be looking for shops that may have clothes, jewelry and shoes. Typically, this is all that one will find in a mall. Roberto Santiago was well aware that there was room for improvement on the design of the typical mall. That is why he created the Manaira Mall. This has a major tourist attraction in Brazil, and shoppers have Roberto Santiago to thank for this. Roberto Santiago is the genius force behind this extremely large mall that has a little bit of everything for everyone. Consumers that are coming out to shop will still have a plethora of places to go to find their favorite shoes or clothing items. There are, however, a lot of other places like the bowling alley and the space bar lounge that allow people to socialize when they come to this mall.

That may be one of the most interesting things that Roberto Santiago has done when it comes to the development of the mall that he has presented. He has given people a chance to socialize and actually interact with one another outside of shopping without leaving the mall that he developed. There are 2,000 parking spaces here so the mall is equipped to handle a large number of shoppers. The great thing about this concept is that people can shop until they are content and go to the parking lot to load their bags in the car. Without leaving the parking lot they can go back inside and have a couple of drinks with friends or engage in activities like bowling. There is also a sizable food court for families that may want to eat out with one another. Read more articles on

The shoppers here even have access to a game room and other activities like an electronic amusement park this is all part of the creative spark that Roberto Santiago had when he considered his vision. He wanted to bring forth the mall that would be enticing to the youth, but he also wanted adults that have a place to lounge and socialize with their friends as well. Roberto Santiago has been able to accomplish this with great precision because he knew what wanted to do. He was aware that he wanted to create something unique.

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