Betsy DeVos Discusses Federally Mandated School Choice Reform

Since her appointment to one of the highest offices in the United States government, Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, has been announcing many plans for the reform of public schools in the nation. The Michigan native has a long history of advocating for school choice and has continually pitched bold new ideas about school choice during her brief career as the Secretary of Education. During a recent press conference where she discussed school choice reform, Betsy DeVos clarified some recently published statements regarding the role of the federal government in school choice reform. Although the DeVos has been an advocate of school choice and parental support programs for more than three decades, she has stated that the federal government should not have the authority to implement reform measures in ways that decrease the authority of the states. The Secretary of Education believes that the final decision about the implementation of school choice reforms should be left to the citizens of individual states with respect to the American constitution.

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Many people who are familiar with Betsy DeVos are aware of her strong political history. Betsy DeVos has successfully organized many school choice reform programs in the state of Michigan and has contributed to the campaigns of several notable republican politicians. Because of her history of philanthropic activity, Betsy DeVos has also become known to groups of individuals who would otherwise not be associated with her work. Because of her efforts to create funding for underprivileged youth in Grand Rapids, Michigan, DeVos deeply understands the many ways that American families can be impacted by school choice reform. DeVos is also a believer of constitutional ethics and small government. Because of this ideology, DeVos has stated that she can never support the unconstitutional expansion of the federal government, even if that expansion would benefit programs that she is seeking to implement.

Because of this stance on the role of federal intervention in government, Betsy DeVos has clearly established the policies associated with her school choice reform program. In this initiative, the Secretary of Education has developed clear policies which allow individual states in the nation to opt in or out of the reform mandates. While DeVos has stated that a states’ choice to opt out of the school choice program would be at the detriment of American families and students, she also stated her support of each state’s constitutionally given right to resist any federal efforts which they did not support. Visit Betsy‚Äôs profile on

At the close of Betsy DeVos’ press conference she was asked about her detailed plan to help the Trump administration launch its historic plan to expand school choice policies. The Secretary of Education remarked that the administration was looking forward to assisting American families through these programs.

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