India Expert Vijay Eswaran, Chairman of QI Group, Imparts Wisdom to Young Career Hopefuls

Vijay Eswaran can easily be described as a successful businessman: executive chairman of the QI Group. Still, this down-to-earth professional hopes to impart some wisdom on young job-seekers, and even hopes to pass on knowledge to soon-to-be graduates through those teaching them.

Eswaran hopes that while deciding on a career path, these individuals can remember to seek out lines of work that match their own qualifications, and potentially be job creators as opposed to job seekers.

Believe it or not, young graduates now face more options than ever when beginning their career path. In many types of businesses, an individual can have to make the decision between working with a startup or with a well-established company. Eswaran advises that a helpful way of making this decision is to understand the type of company, and the life cycle between startup and corporate.

The environment will change drastically and, for the individual, the means in which one can reach his or her goals will be different from a startup to a corporate firm. To paint with a broad brush, those who seek structure may prefer a more established firm; whereas, less delegation and more self-motivation may be the perks of a startup company to others.

To anyone trying to make this decision, Eswaran offers that β€œit completely depends on your personality, work style, and unique needs to determine which will be the best for you and your career.”

When it comes to job creation over job seeking, Eswaran advises that many students have been conservatively taught to begin their career by doing work for someone else, and have not been inspired enough to create their own employment, albeit a risk.

Keeping in mind that the population is growing right alongside the trend of human jobs being taken over by robotics and automated system, Eswaran recommends job creation as a means of stability and success.

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