The Career Life Of Dr. Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik was born in Africa, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in May 1950. He enrolled in the Dental School, London and later qualified as a dental surgeon from the Guy’s Medical Hospital in 1975. Dr. Shafik is now a British by a nationality and resides in England.

Over the years, he has worked for many companies namely; the Imara United Kingdom Limited, the Horsham Clinic Limited, the Sussex Health Care Limited, the Institutes of Ismaili Studies and the Jamati.

Presently, Dr. Shafik is the head of the department of the Jamati Institutions of the Aga Khan, France and alongside, manages the undertakings and agendas of the Ismaili community’s institutions in the 16 core areas. Shafik Sachedina is also in charge of interfacing the Aga Khan programs and those of the Ismaili populations in Central Asia. All this work with the Aga Khan and the Jamati Institutions he does under a voluntary capacity something he seems in the habit. He has served for example in other voluntary position like the two-term period as president of the Ismaili Council, United Kingdom.


Additionally, Dr. Shafik is the Chairman of the Sussex Healthcare limited, an organization that has had over 30 years of providing residential and day-care services across West Sussex. Their crucial concentration is in the care of old people, those mentally infirm with dementia or the Alzheimers syndrome, and the adults with physical or learning problems, as well as neurological debilities.

The goal and primary of the Sussex Health Care are to deliver the absolute measure of care and support based on the individual’s needs; to be the principal provider of residential and nursing care; and to have a team of first-class professional spearheading this. To realize this, they have heavily invested in their staff and services. In the recent past, for example, they have obtained awards from professional healthcare bodies, for their services owing to their team of expert in clinical and care.

To further endow their health care panel, they have in the year, brought in an independent expert, one with decades of proficiency to offer direct backing. They have also initiated avenue for their staff to attain higher education. Early in the year, for example, six workers were conferred with a University of Chichester Level 5 Diploma in Social care. Others in leadership, administration, hospitality and therapy endeavors from where they can progress to study a bachelor’s degree.

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  1. The improvements that I have seen in the healthcare is really commendable and to me its more collective than just an individual task. What exudes from is enough to establish a better standard in the healthcare industry for everybody to enjoy. Usually, healthcare systems were only ran by government bodies but thanks to the involvement of private bodies now.

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