Betsy DeVos: Working To Improve The Education System In America

Betsy DeVos has always been someone geared towards positive change. Since the start of her career, she has fought for the betterment of the school system and has been at the forefront of various political movements that are working towards similar goals. One of the most significant movements that DeVos advocated was the school charter movement. The school charter movement was one that wanted to put public funds to use in private schools so that children all over the country could have access to a better degree of education. Charter schools in America tend to offer better amenities than public schools because of better funding. This provides children with better opportunities for development which they otherwise would not be able to get in public institutions.



DeVos has always believed that education is one of the essential things contributing to the development of the country. She has always held that education is one of the things that can help the country progress. As the education minister of the state, DeVos is now able to bring her ideas to life, and help improve the education system in the country.



Because of her efforts to improve the system, children all over America are now able to receive a higher quality of education. Schools are evolving, and people are starting to see the importance of better benefits from schools for their children’s development. It is evident that DeVos has managed to make a difference through the efforts that she is trying to carry out.



DeVos has always been someone who believes in helping those who are in need. One of her primary interests is philanthropy, and to that effect, she has started up her organization to help her with her philanthropic efforts. The DeVos Family Foundation was founded by Betsy along with her husband, Dick DeVos. Together, the duo has managed to extend a helping hand to various communities and people. Education was, of course, one of the things that DeVos wanted to focus on, which is why she decided to start a special Education Fund for this purpose. Through the education fund, DeVos provided scholarships to deserving students all over the country who could not attend good schools and seek a good education for themselves. In addition, the fund also offers scholarships to people who are passing out of colleges in the state of Michigan, which is where DeVos’ hometown is and where she lived for most of her life. Learn more:


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