Ronald Fowlkes: Getting It Done

Ronald Fowlkes is a man who knows the meaning of getting the job done. He has served the United States by joining the Marines. He noticed that while he was serving in the Marine Corps that the gear was made with exceptional quality and wanted to find out more about it. He found out that the company that made the gear was from a company called First Spear and he wanted to work for them. This was not his first go as a salesperson. He has extensive experience in the arena while working with ITW and Eagle Industries. In an interview with Inspirery, Ronnie talks about his life and work.

Ronald Fowlkes has a natural gift when it comes to being a salesperson. When he found out that the company First Spear was working in his hometown he knew immediately that he had to be part of the company. He eventually became the director of Busines Development at First Spear. He is pleased to represent something that is so close to his heart. He also goes to trade shows and sells the company products to local and state law enforcement agencies. This is how he makes his living each day and he loves to do it.

When it comes to a strategy for selling products Ronnie says that FIrst Spear has a showroom for display but most of the sales for the company come through word of mouth communication. He also says that going to trade shows really helps the business out. Now, however, that word has gotten out about the high quality of the products other businesses go to them. It makes it much easier for Ronnie and his team when customers and business stop in.

When it comes to success in the business Ronnie says that being a good team leader is essential in moving forward with any type of business. He wants to make sure that everything is done and done right for First Spear. He still makes his lists with pencil and paper in order to prioritize what needs to be done. He says any work that is not completed that day will be first on the list for the next day. He says he picked that habit while writing a journal in the Marines.

While Ronnie loves the business side of things two of his main hobbies is watching sports on television and writing a blog as well. In it, he talks about fighting in the NHL and how it has gone down over the years. Teams don’t have time for that when the goal is scoring goals. It has balanced itself out. Ronald Fowlkes has a busy life and knows how to get it all done.


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