Financing Tips for Real Estate Investing

Some people have a passion for real estate investing. For new investors, it is difficult to design a financing plan to purchase real estate. Todd Lubar is an investing expert who helps people across the country. He owns various rental properties in Baltimore. He grew up in Baltimore, and he firmly believes that the city is poised for high levels of economic growth in the future. Todd Lubar is actively looking for new properties to purchase. Due to the substantial economic growth in the city, thousands of people are moving to Baltimore each year.

Passion for Real Estate

Todd Lubar is passionate about investing in real estate. He has worked in the industry for his entire career. He owns a property management company that helps real estate investors manage tenants. Tenant management is one of the most challenging aspects of owning real estate. Anyone who wants to invest in real estate needs to work with a reputable property management company.

Online Classes and Videos

Todd Lubar produces a lot of online videos to give people real estate advice. With the strong housing market, some people wrongly assume that making money with real estate will be easy. Buying a new home in a competitive real estate market is hard. With additional competition for homes, real estate investors must act quickly to find a deal. Check out Yelp to see more.

Lending Options

Todd knows how hard it can be to get a real estate loan for an investment property. When he started in the industry, dozens of banks refused to lend him money.

Todd Lubar wants to make the process easier for other people. He started a lending program for new real estate investors. His lending program offers loans for investors who struggle to get traditional loans from banks. Todd Lubar is excited that hundreds of people have already applied to utilize these investment funds. You can visit their Instagram page.

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