Lacey and Larkin React to the Pardoning of Sheriff Joe

Sometimes politics seems to be a game, while some other people hurt in amidst of all the moves in the system. Some violators let their opinion affect the way they rule the people, while sometimes they rule in favor of who they are supporting.

This is very inconsiderate because some individuals live in mystery on the decisions that people take to please others. Is people’s life, peace of mind and happiness worth destroying for personal gain?

Well, Joe Arpaio seems to be among these individuals who care about no one but themselves. Many people have suffered under his regime, and just when they thought it was finally over, their hope was wiped away by Trump pardoning Joe Arpaio. Meanwhile, the Sheriff has thanked Trump for the pardon and understanding his position and participation in improving the state. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

Donald Trump did not consult anyone in his decision to pardon the 85-year-old Sheriff. A reliable source explained that the President has the right to pardon without any specific procedure. This is the fastest pardon that has been done in history. Many Presidents wait for a year.

There have been mixed feelings on the pardon of Arpaio. Trump said that Arpaio could not be appreciated for his 50 years of service to the state by locking him behind bars. Well, the human right groups have disagreed with his reasoning on this one. They say Arpaio was not serving the country; he was breaking the law and encouraging discrimination.

Joe Arpaio lost his race for Sheriff; it was such a relief to his non-supporters. They, however, felt this was not enough payment for all the evil deeds he has done to his oppressors. A light of hope rose when he was sentenced to jail. This was after Joe Arpaio intentionally refused to follow a federal court judge order.

Arpaio was ordered to stop the profiling of the Latino drivers. The profiling of the drivers was just one of the many crimes of Arpaio. Nevertheless, he just found another way of doing his profiling and even forced his subjects to ignore the order. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Joe Arpaio never denied the accusations when he was summoned to court. In his defense, he said the orders were not clear on what was expected of him. Exclusive research showed he consciously disobeyed the order, which led to his sentencing. As if everything he has done is not enough; Arpaio has announced his race for the senatorial seat.

Lacey and Larkin are among the activists that have taken this news with a lot of anger. Lacey says that Trump and Arpaio is a perfect example of a corruption marriage. The episode they had with Arpaio’s goons is still very fresh in their mind.

The co-owners of Phoenix New Times constantly covered the Sheriff’s misdoings, which led to their arrest. The civilians demonstrated, and Arpaio had no choice but release them. His pardoning has uncovered all the past pain, and the two has vowed not to rest until the sheriff pays for his evil deeds.

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