Alex Pall: From a DJ to an International Musician

Alex Pall is a former DJ and art gallery assistant who is now a member of The Chainsmokers, along with Drew Taggart. He never realized that he would become famous one day, and he attributed this fame to his discovery when he met his manager inside a club. The Chainsmokers has been creating music that constantly ranks first in the billboard hits, and they wanted to thank their fans for their continued support. One of the most popular songs created by The Chainsmokers is “Closer,” and it became a huge hit around the world. The duo’s YouTube channel is also filled with hundreds of millions of views, making them as one of the best musicians of today’s generation.

The story behind the success of Alex Pall is unexpected. Living in New York City, Alex Pall has to find a decent paying job for a living. He would employ himself at a local art gallery, working there as an assistant and looking after the artworks displayed inside. Alex Pall has a passion for becoming a musician, and it is the reason why he would sneak in as a DJ at night to earn additional money. He would perform inside clubs and bars, and he receives money from the strangers who fell in love with his music. These tips are on top of what he receives as a part-timer.

Later on, Alex Pall noticed that his earnings from being a part-time DJ are slowly eclipsing his salary as an art gallery assistant. He decided to focus more on being a DJ, and he quit his job at the art gallery. Alex Pall continued being a DJ for several clubs and bars in New York City until he met his future manager. The manager loved the music from Alex Pall, and he offered him to become a part of the group that he is trying to create. He was later acquainted with Drew Taggart, and the two became close the instant they met. Their manager thought of the name “The Chainsmokers,” and the duo loved it. Today, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart continue to become one of the greatest musicians in America.

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