Whitney Wolfe Managed to Tweak the App Environment for Bumble

People that look at Whitney Wolfe and her rise to success are instantly aware of one thing. They are aware that she is young, and they are also aware that she is someone that has more up her sleeves than anyone could have ever imagined. When it comes to the work that she has done at Bumble it was nothing short of phenomenal to see a female app developer how to navigate in a business environment where she does not have many other female allies. Wolfe is a rare breed.

Making the first move by the numbers 💫

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Whitney Wolfe was co-founder of Tinder. This became one of the hottest dating apps around. It had a format that millennials embraced because it was simple: all you had to do was swipe. You would swipe left if you were not interested and right if you were interested. It simplified the way that singles were hooking up, and it also made it possible for more people to meet others in their geographical area.

This platform also allowed people to pay for a premium service that would allow them to meet people outside of their normal 100 mile radius if they were interested in long distance relationships. This premium service is great for those that are interested in the possibility of getting connected to someone that is a traveler.

Whitney Wolfe had a lot of plans in mind when she decided to create Bumble, and now she is showing many people that the application that she wanted to create is easily one of the best options for people that want to build relationships.

What Whitney Wolfe has managed to do is create the type of app environment where people are going to be changing their perspective when it comes to utilizing multiple apps. With Bumble everyone can do a multitude of different things under one roof. This is quite an improvement from the apps that have people searching around for a lot of different environments to take care of different social media needs.

Bumble has evolved and Wolfe has stepped things up with her creative connection to the social media world. She has experience with dating apps, but she has pulled in others to help her with the business side of Bumble Bizz. She pulls professionals that have same strong skills that she had when it came to dating apps. This is where she has gained her advantage as an app developer.

Whitney Wolfe’s  Social Media: twitter.com/whitwolfeherd?lang=en

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