“The Chain Smokers have left a Mark”

An American DJ and duo production duo with a unique and popular sound? Introducing the “Chainsmokers”. This dynamic duo consists of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, they mix pop culture with an edm sound and so far have gotten amazing responses from it. They’ve had number 1 hits on the billboard over the years and not to mention every album they drop becomes a smash.

Now they’re most recent album “Memories…Do not open” placed number 1 on both the top dance/electronic listing and not to mention the all-genre Billboard 200 at the same time last April. This is was a big achievement for the duo and to them they have stated that it “felt right when it happened.” On top of this “The Chainsmokers have been taking over the radio with hits after hits for what seems to be a while. They’ve stayed consistent and have dominated the top 40 radio and continue to keep people wanting more.

It seems that the “Chain Smokers” have a huge name in the music world, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of competition out there making just as much of an impact, and if not better. One of the biggest names in the edm world is Advicci, and he remains to consist in the top charts also. They’re also artists like Above & Beyond, Odesza, William Control and Kygo that remain to have a big name at the top of the edm charts also. So knowing this, theirs really no way to say who is more popular or who makes better music. These are just a collective handful of artists that continue to release amazing music to the world while proving there spot at the top charts.

The “Chain Smokers” believe they’re not even at their peak yet and that there’s much more to come. They’ve recently released a single that’s titled “Sick Boy” on January 17th, 2018 and have even more recently released a song called “you owe me” on February 16th. These songs will lead up their second studio album titled “Somebody” which is said to be a game changer. People are excited for it and all though their isn’t a date for the release yet, it should be soon to come!


One thought on ““The Chain Smokers have left a Mark”

  1. I think there is something special about these duo, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart in the music industry. If I remember, their singles have occupied the number spot, and I must say they are not doing bad at all. This Relationship Starters Blog believes that the chainsmokers are not yet where they are supposed to be because of other names in the music industry.

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