OSI Group is an international pioneer in the industry of food. The company started as a butcher shop in the neighborhood managed by an immigrant from Germany in the twentieth century. In the mid-century, the company turned into the primary supplier of meat in the region. The organization has aggressively branched out with a new framework for expansion, both internationally and in the United States of America. McDonald’s got into the modern processing of food from the supply chain starting point. McDonald was raised in northeast Iowa farm, and he graduated from the University of Iowa. He got animal science bachelor’s degree and was honored with Barron E. Wallace Award for being an outstanding senior. The award acknowledges seniors who are outstanding, these are individuals displaying exceptional academic achievement, good character, commitment to community/university activities, and guarantee that they will proceed with these excellent characteristics as alumni.

McDonald is COO and President of the country’s best privately owned companies. He is still dedicated to the community of Iowa State, playing a vital role in Entrepreneurship and Agricultural Initiatives in the University. He is a liberal budgetary contributor of a scholarship fund (Alpha Gamma Rho) and has spearheaded the establishment of opportunities in internships for students at ISU in OSI Group. He was honored in 2004 with an ISU Young Alumni accolade by Alumni Association for his exceptional contributions. Later on got an honor for emerging philanthropist from the University of Iowa State in 2014.

McDonald has lead OSI Group to its overall expansions globally. For instance Baho Food acquisition, a food organization that produces snacks and deli meats for the European retail and foodservice sector. McDonald was also the key man in the purchase of Flagship Europe, which is currently known as Creative Food Europe, a distributor of the excellent bespoke product. The fact is McDonald is a specialist in the logistics of food production, with immense working experience with agencies of the government, retailers crosswise over numerous global borders and local suppliers. McDonald has developed a comprehensive and broad knowledge of the technical matters significant in maintaining close associations with different organizations in other regions and being deeply rooted in the OSI Group corporate culture.

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