The Success of Guilherme Paulus in the Tourism Sector

Are you an ardent lover of tours and travel? Well, Brazil is your premier destination laden with greener tourism destinations. Paulus discovered an opening to build a successful career in a country full of tourism opportunities. Through this inspiration and chance, he opted to be independent rather than hustling hard to eke a living in life. Consequently, he dropped any other career ambitions to go after his business ventures and proper investment in the tourism sector.

In his early days, Paulus has had many turnarounds, with the fact that his parents had planned differently for him. Before the age of twenty, he joined IBM as an intern. His parents needed him to become a medical doctor thus pushed him hard. However, his mind was somewhere else with different career ambitions. He was always thinking of making money hence business was his primary concern.

After working for two years at Casa Faro as a salesperson, he opted to begin his business venture. This was at the age of 24 when he had just completed internship at IBM. His involvement with IBM boosted his passion for business and a mind of self-reliance. While at Casa Faro, he met his business partner whom together with decided to work together. They had matching business ideas and passion for tourism. They were so compatible, a rare thing to find between to people. This was something anyone can admire.

Together, Guilherme Paulus and his partner founded CVC. This company concentrated its efforts specifically on the tourism business. Surprisingly, they were lucky enough to catch the attention of Mercedes Corporation. This organization offered them an annual tour that turned out to be the catalyst for laying the foundation to their business. They managed to start receiving corporate clients. They introduced their business concept to various highly-established companies an idea that positioned them higher to begin getting inroads.

Guilherme Paulus able leadership saw the expansion of CVC in massive proportions to set the company as the most significant Latin America tour company. A private equity business known as Carlyle Group purchased 63.3 percent shares in CVC. Guilherme Paulus is also the founder of GJP Hotels and Resorts. This company began its operations in 2005 and ran more than fifteen hotels in the nation. With his ideas, there were rapid developments of more resorts before the world cup event that happened in 2004. Guilherme Paulus net-worth currently stands at $1.1 billion.

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