French Tribune Calls Equities First Holdings Thriving

French Tribune does a lot of articles on European business leaders and they have written a couple articles on Equities First Holdings before. In the articles, they like to mention how special and different Equities First Holdings is from other investment and financial companies. The French Tribune has written a report about how Equities First Holdings offers stock-based loans and does not make people present presentations or give people a hard time to get a loan. For individuals, they offer small loans and for business, they offer bigger ones. Overall, the French Tribune mentions that it is quite easy and faster to get a loan through Equities First Holdings than other financial institutions. Even though Equities First Holdings is global and has offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, and other places, they still make the company easily accessible online for individuals who might not be near their multiple locations or prefer to do things online rather than in person.


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