Guilherme Paulus The Man Known For Promoting Tourism To Brazil

The tour and travel business in Brazil has been growing at a massive pace due to the exotic natural landscape, long coastline and amazing nightlife. The influx of tourists in Brazil has been increasing year after year, and it is also due to the affordable tour and travel packages offered by the country’s tour operator, the biggest of which is the CVC Brazil.

It is the company that was started by Guilherme Paulus, who is amongst the wealthiest Brazilian today. The wealth of Guilherme Paulus continued to shoot up as CVC Brazil continued to expand its operations not only in Brazil but also in different parts of the globe, especially in parts of Latin America.

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Continuing the expansion of CVC Brazil, Guilherme Paulus also entered the hospitality industry with the introduction of GJP Hotels and Resorts. As of now, GJP Hotels and Resorts have around 19 properties located in different strategic positions in the country. There are many new properties that are under development and are in planning near airports and railway stations. Guilherme Paulus knows the tour and travel business in and out and has been able to develop some highly innovative travel packages that people are looking for these days. He worked as a salesman in a tour agency before. Not only has he ensured that innovative travel packages are offered to the customers, but that the prices are kept affordable as well so that it is not heavy on the pockets who come here. These are the ingredients that the customers look for in a tourism company and it is what he tries delivers every time.

Guilherme Paulus has been part of Brazil’s tourism industry since the 1980s and knew more about it than anyone else. He has first-hand experience of working in the industry and knows exactly what the tourists are looking for. The reason he is successful is that he treats his clients as guests and provides them with services that they deserve rather than try to extract money from them. He feels that when people feel welcomed in a new country, they will keep coming back and recommend other people to come and visit the country.

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